Bad Anxiety?

Too often we overwork ourselves, over stress, and overthink. However, what we don’t realize is what that can do to our health. Troubled with anxiety, I sometimes dream of past/current traumatic experiences, the stress of that day, tomorrow, and when my heart and mind don’t connect for my health, it’s even worse, I get very scared. I pace back and fourth, I repeat the name of an object in my view a few times, and even fidget with my fingers.

Today a friend suggested an app called “Brightmind”, it put me at ease a bit. It allows you to focus on different parts and senses of the body, calming them all and slowly forgiving and forgetting, it’s like weights being lifted off of your body. I’ve tried meditation in many different ways, but I can’t see myself on no mat with my eyes closed and all that. 1st day using “Brightmind”, and i’m in love! Finally being able to focus on something other than stress. Definitely recommended!

(Jessica Hunter)

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