5am thoughts

You ever think about how many people are in the world right now? Me either. Not until riding with Michael, who is a taxi driver, he made me stop and look at each car we drove past. For the most part, it was different cars, with only one person. Now N’ Day a family of 5 has three separate cars, all going the same place, just causing traffic. As I lay here at 5am listening to the outside world, it’s very quiet. All you can hear are wind and birds. See now, it doesn’t seem like this world is highly populated. People complain so much of pollution not realizing it’s the littlest things that contribute to such a situation. Just random 5am thoughts like now we are back to the work week, and as my boy said, it’s time to work 2x, 4x’s, as hard as you did before. I see a lot of different hobbies and people trying to better themselves and I think that’s absolutely amazing, being able to share your gift/knowledge with someone who may exchange with you a gift you didn’t have. We all are gifted with something.

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