Skin colors & ethnicities.

So today, I called a cab home, and when the cab driver picked me up, he immediately demanded his money. First off, you was late, and when I handed a cab driver money first yesterday, he went all the way to the opposite side of town to pick up another passenger. Anywho, I’m getting my cash together as the driver begins driving, and because I didn’t pay him on time, he made sure his camera was recording me. So I waived, and recorded him. He didn’t like it because deep down, he was throwing stereotypes my way. He then tried to make small talk at which I didn’t even want to be bothered anymore.

A little after that, I went to get my nails done. Now usually all beauty salons are a way for women to get away from home, talk, and relax while being pampered. As i’m talking to my nail lady, some woman comes in screaming from outside “How much ya’ll refills?”. Long story short, she finally gets a chair and asked the lady for her name who then replied “Kimberly”. Would you believe the lady had nerve to say out loud, first off she was very loud the whole time, but, “That’s a typical Chinese name.” How would you feel if she did that to you? People don’t think! What if she asked your name and you said “Jessica”, and she replied “typical black person name”, you’d be ready to snatch her out that chair. I was very annoyed with that thought, it’s like it was meant for me to blog about this today.

Skin color should never play a role, nor ethnicities. You never know how someone may feel about themselves. Because I am constantly surrounded by spanish people, I took the liberty of studying their language for better communication, and because ya’ll not about to be sitting here talking about me, and I don’t understand, lol. Maybe I should study Chinese. LOL JUST KIDDIN!

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