Mother’s Day

Don’t know what to get your Mother for Mother’s day? A child is a Mother’s best gift. That’s who she has made sacrifices for so that they can have a better life. Seeing her child successful is an amazing feeling, where as seeing your child in pain doesn’t feel so well. Not being able to be with your child, especially during those moments are even worse. Tomorrow is never promised and today would’ve been impossible, yet some of you walk around saying absolutely nothing to her, or haven’t spoken to her in years. I feel like regardless of the situation, everybody deserves to have a bond with their Mother, and it isn’t fair to not do so, because no matter what you go through in life, you gonna need your Mom in some way, shape, or form.

It’s just crazy how some of you can really go days, months, and even years without talking to the woman who gave you life and the reason why you are able to “hang with friends.” That really HURTS! I ain’t no Mother, but I’ve seen from experiences. You should always give each other a chance to explain why.

(Jessica Hunter)

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