“Cool High Niggas”

Any way you look at it, Music is an expression of emotion whether it be written down and then recited, or recited straight off your head. That good ol’ Marijuana is just something to add to the vibe. Just dropped “Cool High Niggas“, Farrod Khari got a different way of delivering music. You can’t sing/rap about real life stuff unless you’ve been through it or experienced it in some way, that’s what mainly grasps someone to your music. You can also tell the type of person someone is based off of the way they deliver their words along with the music, and what they’ve been through. I put my headphones in and took that “Flight” (track #2), wit my mans, now I’m tryna download the whole album.


Engineered by Deejay Bigz, a mix isn’t a mix, a studio session isn’t a studio session, hell, a cover photo isn’t a cover photo without his opinion. Music is his 1st love, so if the flow don’t feel right to him, it don’t sound right. Need your photo taken? Cover photo shot by him. You throwing a Party soon? Click his name for contact info. As for Farrod,

“Haven’t You Heard” Coming soon through some speakers near you.

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