What is Love?

What is love? There is no set definition in my opinion. How do you define what someone else feels/should feel towards something/someone? What I can tell you is it’s supposed to be an amazing feeling, almost as if you can’t feel, and your body feels stress free is basically what I’m implying. Your body plays a major role in each decision you make because that gut feeling you feel, or that anxiety you get around a certain situation is your body telling you something isn’t right. Ain’t nothing wrong with you, you don’t need no medicine, that’s your instincts.

Love? Used so freely. If you don’t feel it, why use it? Nobody can force you to feel a certain way about anything. Like for instance if that spaghetti needed some more sauce, or sugar, be honest. They are gonna cook for somebody else you know. LOL. In terms of loving one another, I personally feel like loving someone is almost like making a promise to support in times of thanks (sometimes), need, happiness, or success. Look at the people you tell you “love” for instance, your sibling(s), your making a promise to be there for one another regardless of distance, or same parents. When your Parent(s) tell you they love you, that is a promise to be there for you in times of need, happiness, or success. When using the term relationship wise, it is intended to be a promise to be there for one another similarly to the way of loving family (being there for one another), except that emotional/physical connection should not be found elsewhere.

All of these bonds and promises are not necessarily kept, which can sometimes have an effect on us as people and how we love ourselves. But “You know what love is, love is who you see looking back at you in the mirror.” (Hajirah Hutchins) Basically if you don’t love who you see, then there are things you need to change. Love is truly defined within yourself, (as discussed with Haji), it’s nice to have people around for care and support, but how can you love someone without loving yourself?

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