Morning Laughs

Morning! Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers doing what they have to do to support their child(ren). Happy Mother’s Day to those who either aren’t with us today, or whose child(ren) aren’t with us today. I think about you all, you all are loved and thanked. Despite anything between you and your Mother, today and everyday is always the time to spend time, to forgive, to apologize, to give thanks, whatever. I constantly mention that tomorrow is NEVER promised, and neither was yesterday. A mother is supposed to be your guide, your go to, a lot of things we think we know on our own that we really don’t like raising children.

I got up this morning and helped my Grandpa send off all his Mother’s day pictures, but prior to, he goes, “I need you to help me download those Holiday Cards.” I’m looking at him like huh? LOL, He goes “Your mom helped me last year”, and he pulls a pic up via google. I’m like “Ohhhhhhh a meme!” and started cracking up! Went down the hall to wake Mom up and pops up and they was already up giggling. Pops was tryna be funny and asked her to do his laundry, she said “It’s Mother’s day I ain’t doin’ sh*T!” And then he had nerve to try and pass me his laundry, I literally dropped to the floor and was crying laughing. Yea right! LOL. Told my uncle Happy Mother’s Day, and he said “Same to you,” LMFAO. Ya’ll know good and well I ain’t got no kids… YET. Any who family time is always a good time, enjoy it while you can.

Prayers for all families,

(Jessica Hunter)

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