In Happiness and Pain

I’ve never believed those who suggested to pray for what and who hurt you. I always thought about having to have revenge on my own. But what does that do? What does it solve? See what you do is you pray. Not only for yourself, but for the strength of what hurt you. It releases a lot of negative energy. I’m not one to take hurt easily, but prayer always feels good in hurt or happiness. I believe that my dreams, and my body are both connected to this world in a way that I am able to depict what will happen next based off of those things of course, as I believe we all can. Would you believe I prayed for the strength of what hurt me emotionally, and 2 hours later I got a phone call?

We aren’t perfect, but if you BELIEVE in GOD, he’ll see your way through the path of righteousness. I’ve been blessed with the ability to deliver such strength and greatness towards others through my words, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing tonight at 8pm at the Kuran Arts Center in Fanwood. Hopefully my ability to record it goes well! Thanks for all the support given, I told you someone is always watching even when you think not.

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