Maria Mazzioti Gillan

Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to Mrs.Maria Mazzioti Gillan, what a blessing!! Awarded for one of the best American Books, I sat and listened to her recite her poetry and actually felt her words. I felt her pain, as she shed tears, I felt as if it was me expressing myself, as you should during poetry. As I always say, I believe writing is a great form of expression, and when asked why I write, that is always my answer. I wanted to hear more!

Poetry is not always about rhyming, but the flow of the words, you just let it go as it comes. The best form of writing is when you can feel/relate to one another. As Mrs.Maria shed her tears, I cried along with her. In reciting my poetry for the first time in front of a crowd, I was able to feel more open, more at home in a world of literature. THE BEST experience! I recommend that you guys check her work out, and I look forward to upcoming meetings, working with, and seeing her again. Fanwood made me feel at home, and I thank you guys for the awesome ability and support as I will follow continue to perform, upcoming event dates to follow!

Never be afraid to voice your feeling or what you’re going through, you never know who else is connected to you in some way. Blessings!

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