Room 103 (CONTINUED)

She looked good in them heels, and he looked good in that suit. Twenty minutes into the party, Them two slid to the bathroom. Text message from “My boyfriend” that read “I’m almost home”, but lil’ ol’ Gloria never checked her phone. Came out the first stall with Steff to wash her hands, and coming out of the third was some chick & Gloria’s man.

When Gloria’s man went to question, “Who the hell is he?” His mouth dropped, along with the key to room 103. Steff stepped forward during all this silence, “What the hell is going on?” But everyone kept quiet. “Steff,” Gloria said, “You’re coming to my house.” Looked her man in the eye, “Come get yo shit, and find a new spouse.”

Still shocked by what he seen, Tyrell kept quiet. See, he was in the Men’s bathroom helping his sister, Violet. She was visiting the town, and got so damn drunk, and Tyrell ain’t want his sister leaving the club with some punk. See, he and her came to the club together, it was all good til’ she threw up on his jacket, leather. Took her to the bathroom, and held her hair as she kneeled over the toilet, that’s what was going, but Gloria would’ve never thought it.

Gloria’s Man, Tyrell did as she pleased, pulled up to the crib with his sister & his niece. They all entered the crib in one piece, started packing his stuff without any grief. Gloria caught that chick packin’, and was about to pop off thinking the girl had snatched him. Violet turned around, looked at Gloria and said “I’m his sister, go worry bout that nigga in yo bed.”

But see Stef never made it to Gloria’s house, he was waiting for Violet who had no clue it was he this was about. Gloria’s man had the key to room 103 and was giving it to Violet, that’s where she was to sleep. Violet and Stef was dancing on the floor, he whispered in his ear, grabbed her number, and she ran for the bathroom door.

(Jessica Hunter)

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