Grandma’s Angels

I always interpret everything in life from more than one aspect. Everything and every action has some sort of relevancy to life. My Grandma collected thousands of Angels in which I never got to ask her why because I was too young at the time. As I sat today and starred at her angel case, I looked specifically into some of the Angels, their positions, and what they might stand for. As you look at the following pics, notice the feeling of freedom, good luck, strength, and happiness within the angels, a great form of expression and great vibes needed to get through the day.

Each of us have a hobby or something we love to do, that will forever have a legacy or impact on us all. About 18 years ago, I lost my Grandma, but her legacy still lives on through this angel case. As I was told before, each birthday/holiday, an Angel was her gift, many of which cost big bucks! I look forward to adding to it with hopes that others grasp the same energy as I, each angel stands for something in it’s own way.




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