90’s Babies

Remember hop scotch, double dutch, and four squares? That’s what I grew up upon, I’m a 90’s baby. Now n days these kids no nothing about that. That was family time and how we spent time with one another as friends. You give a kid a tablet and they know how to access everything. I won’t say it’s sad because technology has taken over our lives in many ways, but it was expected. We came from flip phones, chirps, and BlackBerry’s to galaxy’s and Iphones who talk back to us, what’s the point of going outside?

The other day I spent time being a kid again twisting string into “the cobra”, and “the box”, put my phone aside for a minute. Never forget where you came from, things have changed drastically. Kids don’t even respect one another the same, worried about all the wrong things. “Trap music” doesn’t always interest me, let’s play some swv, Ashanti, TLC, etc. Today’s world is so different.

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