The Bond Between A Mother and her child.

The bond between a Mother and her child is always important. You gave someone the gift of life, how could you neglect someone who didn’t ask to be here? When you accept pregnancy, it’s such a beautiful blessing that many of us do not get to experience. They say a Mother can raise a daughter better than a father, as a father can raise a son better than a Mother. I don’t believe any of that, a child actually needs both parents, things like that take a toll on us. Not being able to do certain things with their Mom may bother a daughter. In fact, I’ve seen father’s do their daughter’s hair.

We were all created with a gift, and once we feel as though no one understands that gift, or we can’t show it, we tend to lock ourselves away from the outside world. Then that turns into anger, and other things happen. As a parent, you should never show any sign of weakness around your child, or neglect. You never know what anyone is going through, and sometimes the only person who does/SUPPOSED to understand you is your parent. Not having the ability to properly express to your parent can have an effect on any kid. Parents please acknowledge your kids feelings aside from yours!!

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