Today’s world, Our Kids.

Too often we hold back our feelings and expressions because we don’t know how to let them go, neglecting those who love us, those we should love, and those trying to love us. Holding back anything isn’t well for your health all around. The body has the ability to collect stress if you let it, and where we fail is letting it take over us. Cutting my hair each week relieves my stress, writing relieves my stress, as some don’t, find a hobby.

Drinking and Drugs is never the proper way to go. Driving through town seeing people so drunk they can’t stand, seeing kids who could possibly be relatives to these people is even worse. No child asked to be here, and having an alcoholic family member takes a toll on them. Kids do as they see, and repeat things to others at such a young age. People with children complain about not having nobody to turn to, your child is who and what should motivate you to become better. Things get hard, indeed they do, but Drugs and Alcohol take a huge toll on your body. Stress as well.
We complain about the kids in today’s world and how things have changed yet nobody is paying attention to what’s around them that’s causing them to develop in certain ways. I’m not saying anyone’s parenting is incorrect, I’m saying let’s pay more attention to bettering ourselves for the younger kids. Those are who want to love us and need our love the most.

(Jessica Hunter)

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