Sexual relations

Sex was known as expressing your love to someone via physical connection. In today’s world, people use their body for the wrong things. Sex is something that should never be rushed into, you do it when you’re ready. Females used to care more about themselves, and their body. Sex don’t keep nobody now n days. You see girls walkin up a street and guys talking bout they “hit that” or gettin ready to. Unacceptable.
How do you feel comfortable having sexual relations with who you don’t care about? All it takes is a one time slip up & that’s now yo baby daddy/mom. All I’m saying is make sure it’s who you want and vice versa. Good sex have you callin’ right back, so on that person, make sure that’s what you want.
Another thing, people look at parts of sex & claim “they don’t do that”, when you really like/love someone, it shouldn’t matter. As a female, you should still be able to count your interactions on one hand, and both of you should stay checked out, that’s all I’m saying. Be mindful.

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