Why? ( – via Elias )

“Why do we lie?

Why do we cry?

Why do we even try?

Why are you there?

Why am I here?

Why do we act as if we care?

Why do we stay ?

Why do we go ?

Why do we say yes ? When we can also say no?

Why do we love ?

Why do we hate?

Why is life so real? But the people in it so fake?

Why are we jealous ?

Why are we rebellious ?

God please shoot to earth and tell us.

Why do we give?

Why do we take?

Why do we even make rules, if they’re meant to break?

Why are we happy?

Why are we sad?

Why do we do good ? Then turn around and do bad?

Why do we envy ?

Why do we admire?

Why do we care for ones attire?

I’ve committed my share of sins, but I’m a okay guy. So God can you answer my prayers and tell me why?”

–  Elias

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