When reading, viewing, or listening to other people’s work, I get to feel the vibe of other people’s work. I’ve always had a close friend who was younger than me with a very old soul. When I say old soul, I mean gifted and talented. In love with the originals and not copies. She was the greatest vibe of the day with her quotes and thoughts. I love how open she is with her thoughts not only to me, but to the world. I definitely took that as a bit of knowledge myself, because as most of my viewers who know me, know not all of my work is about me, and always comes with a deep twist.

Mental.flo has a great way of expanding her emotions through poetry and daily thoughts . See the difference between me and her is she’s a lot more open which is completely amazing. She’s not scared to express her thoughts flat out where as I might create a poem or such. Her daily post give me wisdom, you should check her out too. I’m learning to open up more, and she’s a great expression of “loving yourself 1st”.

Website: Mental.flo

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