In a world full of people who want to love us, we tend to chase the ones who don’t even know how to love themselves first before loving you. There’s nothing wrong with that, but in many cases helping someone find themselves may cause you to loose yourself. If you can’t find happiness in helping someone better themselves, and don’t see any form of transformation, what is the point?

I’ve always felt as though my position on this earth was to help others better themselves, but I learned that I can do that from a distance and still contain my happiness and sanity lol. I didn’t realize how such daily post could have an influence on one’s life, and for that I’m greatful. I love being recognized in public as “the girl who wrote…”, or literaturebyjessc. It’s amazing how I started off so small, and now impacted lives around the world. Don’t let nobody tell you that you “can’t”, it’s just a mind trick. You can, but if it affects your happiness, than you don’t have to. You control your mind and body, not life or anybody else.

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