Living to die.

Granted, we only live once and should live it up anyway, but partying each day is not the way. There is more to life than just medications, drugs, and alcohol. There are mountains, waterfalls, sight seeings, and good people to see and meet. I’ve opened up my mind to a lot of things I’ve done for just the first time, and now I’m out tryna do more. You don’t always have to be “lit” all the time in order to enjoy life. I always stress the fact that each day is a blessing and tomorrow is never promised. Had I not stepped out of my comfort zone, I probably wouldn’t have lived the life I did this past month. Once you get yourself together from a messy situation and look back on who you was, you’d be surprised at who and what you see. Although we just living to die, that doesn’t mean you take your own life.

Continue to express yourself via music, writing, poetry, drawing, or what ever. Continue to be open-minded and positive, as we influence one another. Let’s help stop saying R.I.P to one another, and live our lives as a team, bettering one another.

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