Ya’ll heard bout Marv?

I’m always down for a new vibe, and I’m always down for new things. I’m always down to learn new people, and especially their Hobbies. I feel that we each have a hobby to contain ourselves from ourselves if that makes any sense. Now yesterday, I met a really great artist named Marv who sang and played drums in church, and is now shutting down SoundCloud.

The voice of a rapper and singer put together is so amazing!!
The beats she chooses matches the flow of her words so perfectly. First time listening, and I keep replaying her music because I can feel how she’s delivering it. I keep telling ya’ll, STOP SLEEPING ON PLAINFIELD, NJ. We’ve got some amazing talents like Marv who is #strictlybusiness. Come to think of it, I actually met her at a telly one night, and you can look at her and tell what she writes or is feeling is the truth. She’s got a dope personality hidden behind those lyrics, and I can’t WAIT to see it all fully come out in a music video, I can’t wait to fully feel her vibe. Music is best when it’s real and something you can relate too, but before I even heard her music, speaking with her was something I was able to relate to, so humble and open-minded to new experiences. You only live once, and in that process of living, you’ve gotta hear her SoundCloud. (Click link)

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