A lady’s voice

Ladies have voices to, just because we’re interested in other ladies doesn’t mean anything. At the end of the day we’re still a female, and Marv has a voice that y’all have to hear. I watch this video several times, in dead ass felt like she was singing to me. A voice that sends a shiver through your body, it’s not even about the words. I would write my poetry and let her sing it to me just because she’s that good, but she writes her own stuff, her own emotions, and her own life story.That’s what makes it even better, because I get to learn about her. We each have a life story, it’s just the way we deliver it to one another. Check her SoundCloud, check her Instagram, and follow her on Twitter.

I’m waiting to see her on television wit me in the background like “I told y’all she was the shit.” Watch this.

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