Studio 15 & Kode Blue, A MUST see.

You’ve taken your own selfies and pictures of others, but have you had your photo shot by Kasi (studio15 productions)? Shooting photos brighter than your future, saving memories from your past to laugh about in your future, Studio15 is taking over the fourth of July parade. BUT that’s not it! DJ Mode Blue is lighting the whole Front st in Plainfield, NJ up with the lights on his turn tables, then he gon’ give us all good vibes to jam to. Every DJ has a different vibe, but before Kode Blue brings his vibe, he brings the brightest smile, something to light up the Earth. Then he mixes the party up. Y’all heard of urban one radio, you seen him at Sweet 16, weddings, and in your backyard, tell me that house music ain’t live! Come on down to Front Street in Plainfield New Jersey at 10 a.m. to see it all begin, you don’t want to miss this.

Let’s bring the good back into Plainfield, turn our children around to see and do great things. Show them inspiration, a fun time, and how to be better. Our children, ya’ll children, whoever’s children, look up to you!

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