Take a Chance!

Never in a million years would I have imagined to be doing the things that I am doing. It should never take for a few bad moments, to get out more, to open up to life more. I’m doing things that I wouldn’t have done years ago. Today I spent my whole day doing relaxing things. I went and visited a reserve where there were fish, and water in such a high view, and decided to take pictures. Never in a million years did I thing I’d be walking in such water with fish swimming across my feet, it’s something I just wasn’t used to. Laughing and being scared at the same time that we would fall, me and my sister both enjoyed ourselves. It was a time of peace, a time of stress free. I don’t like feet, or nothing running across my feet. But the experience of fish running across my feet was something different. Of course I got out after that, but it was an amazing feeling to try something new. You should too, you only live once.

We then did something everybody has done in their lifetime, visit horses. But how the lady gon’ say “You’re really not supposed to be on the property right now,” well maybe ya’ll shoulda closed the entrance gates. Nobody was gonna steal tom, d*ck, and harry, we just wanted to see them. Lol

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