The fourth of July

Celebrating our independence is always amazing each year, but you ever notice how each year’s Plainfield parade and fireworks are like a family reunion? You see people you haven’t seen since diapers, who have either grown to be so beautiful, or grown to be what you didn’t think they would. It’s amazing to see family and friends, and who they’ve become. Ofcourse I was walking up and down as “literaturebyjessc”, being stopped by everyone I didn’t know or didn’t remember. “Where is ya mom?” “Do y’all not feel this heat?” LOL.

Proud of my people though like Kasi, my mans had his own Studio15 float killin’ it, it was #2ez riding in the parade, and the most amazing transition, Altariq Nelson. I am proud of who he has become and who he is as a person. Has grown OUTRAGEOUSLY from emotions, to grades, and to steppin’. Leading his black diamonds, him and my favorite child poet/rapper Yah-Yah put on a show for us all! To only be together for about 2 months, and to be dancing like that? They danced like they’ve been practicing day and night.

Altariq Nelson leading “The Black Diamonds”
My favorite young writer Yah Yah

Yah yah does every little thing you can think of. Great at dancing, but also great at expressing herself emotions via rapping. This little girl has a voice that needs to be heard, the determination to make kids be heard, because they have voices too. We have got to stop paying attention to just ourselves, and “getting money”, and ways to do so. It’s kids out here with voices and opinions just as well, and she WILL be the one to tell you bout it all.

We need to not only listen to ourselves, but our children as well. Plainfield needs more positivity.

(Jessica Hunter)

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