Doing what you’re used to.

I noticed a few people who have he same daily routine or eat the same things all the time, and I always question how do you enjoy life that way? I used to be scared to try new anything. I was scared to try other people’s food, because I was used to my mom’s cooking, I was scared of heights, and ended up in the air, and in the water. So I’ve tried new things, and I’m very thankful for it. Trying new things gives me the ability to see a difference in life as opposed to what I was used to. Not saying there is anything wrong with what you’re used too, but try something new for a change.

You only live once, and when I say once, I mean it. These experiences aren’t always promised. Water running across your feet along with fish, petting and feeding horses, hikes in the mountains, things I wouldn’t normally do, I did it, and it felt absolutely amazing! Face your fears, take a chance, you don’t get any older and your life does not depend on anything or anyone, there is nothing blocking your blessings but YOU. It feels amazing knowing where I came from, and living the transition of where I’m going. You wanna come? I promise in 1-3 years, I’m gonna be looking at this smiling so hard because I’ve progressed even more than what I did here. I love myself, and I hope others have the same respect for themselves.

Remember, it’s always good to try something new, even down to meeting new people. You learn different things, different personalities. The first thing I get into when meeting someone is their mind, and how they think. What zodiac sign are you? I believe that tells a lot about someone right off the bat, not saying that’s how I judge you, but that’s one way to read you. In doing so, I’ve learned of many different personalities. All I’m saying is don’t let NOTHING hold you back, not even YOURSELF.

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