What does Distance mean?

You see depending on the situation, distance means different things. Sometime we need distance from ourselves to realize who we are, were, and what we are trying to be. Nobody really thinks that helps, people thinks you turn emotional, or depressed, no, it’s about finding who you are.

Distance in family, going time without seeing a family member could be just as hard. There are family members that I only see once a year, and our love and bond will never change, but you miss out on a lot of memories. I used to see my Grandma often, and then it got down to once a year, and now she’s gone. I took a sweater, a necklace, and words of wisdom of hers to keep with me forever, in fact, for the most part, her obituary goes everywhere with me. I miss her.. This distance isn’t easy, neither is a 7 hour drive. I wish there was a way to connect with heaven so we can chill at least one more time. Going through the things I am going through now, I wish my brother was here. This distance from Earth to Heaven is so far it seems, but I feel it in my heart.

Sometimes distance can also be a good thing in a bad way depending on how you take it. When you love someone and start to distance yourself from them, it can cause insecurities in a relationship and questioning. But if it causes you to believe all of that, something wasn’t right in the first place. I’m not saying something’s  bad, but you don’t need to be in the crack of eachother’s behind during a relationship, sometimes you actually do need space and time to focus on yourself, to better yourself for your current or next lover.

That’s what distance means to me.

(Jessica Hunter)

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