Living with Regrets

Each day we live with regrets, but one of our biggest regrets is not leaving with closure with anyone/anything despite the situation. Nothing is ever that serious to take to the grave or to take someone’s life behind, besides someone talking about your child/family, or abuse, and even so I believe it’s not that serious. Do you think about that person’s family and friends? Do you think about how that might affect you in the long run? And do you think about why you’ve done it?

We fought so hard for the justice of ourselves just to take it from one another? There are children out here who deserve to live their life properly, not being locked in the house because people are fighting and shooting during any time of the day. Why? What’s the point? How could you take the life of someone else and still continue to live your life normally? How could you trigger a gun without thinking of it’s consequences? Your life matters more than anybody else’s. At the end of the day, when you go to jail, who gon’ hold you down? Friends and family say they gon’ do this and that, and they hold you down for a lil’ bit, next thing you know people got lives of their own.

Also, never let someone come between your friendship with someone, tomorrow is NEVER promised. I bet you if whoever you beefin’ wit now, if something was to happen to them, you’d be the first one crying. Life is too short for all’at, live it up, have fun, do what you gotta do to support you and yours, but we CAN’T forget about our children. What did they do to you? What they do to the streets? Nothing, but tryna be heard. Get it together, PLEASE!

(Jessica Hunter)

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