Living with Epilepsy

Never in a million years did I imagine that I’d be diagnosed with Epilepsy. I didn’t even know what that was, nor where it came from, nor how to deal with it, but I’m doing it. No diagnoses can stop you from doing anything you don’t want to. No I don’t work, but I have steady income and do not sit on my behind all day. I was given a purpose in this world, to give people strength, courage, and knowledge. If I can do it on 9 pills a day, you can do it on just stress.

I feel like people take life for granted TOO much.. All that partying and drinking and not believing in yourself is garbage, and it shouldn’t have took for me to be diagnosed with such an issue as well as anxiety to understand that it’s more to life than just that. Do you understand that stress, alcohol, and other drugs KILL?! That’s why regardless of my situation, I try to live my best life, because I’ve made it this far, why quit now? There was a point in time where I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything with my life because of this diagnosis, yes it does make things difficult, VERY DIFFICULT. But, God don’t give you anything you can’t handle. Look at where I am now, you wanna know what comes next in my stories, or who that poem was about. Stay Positive.

(Jessica Hunter)

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