Sex on the 1st date (EXPLICIT)

Now all week, I’ve been out experiencing vlogging and blogging and couldn’t find anything to blog about. I asked for a few topics through my social media and “Sex on the 1st Date”, came about. Now I am a very personal person and I feel like no one should be involved with me sexually without having emotions. This is a very explicit topic so if you’re not mature you should probably move. I believe sex on the first date is what gives people he ability to down talk one another. Your body is your temple, not to be stolen, or sold to for anything. You have such an amazing value, and sex doesn’t do anything for that. It may feel good at that moment, but what good is sex if it isn’t with someone you love, or someone you know is CLEAN, or someone you know has potential for you and them.

Now I can see where having sex on a first date may be a mistake due to drugs and alcohol, but even so, as females, we should know to carry ourselves more differently. How do you even attract your self sexually to someone you just met? You must not have had any loving in a while. I know they say life is short and tomorrow’s never promised, but better safe than sorry. If you can’t get to know each other, or you can’t wait, at least USE A CONDOM. I’m not here to judge anyone and their situation, but condoms are ALWAYS A NECESSITY. See there’s a lot of things that come along with this sex on the first date thing cause then you get to actually see what somebody is workin with, what if you waited so long, and then it’s wack. Does that still matter to you?

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