Khalil The Survivor


img_0606I’m always influencing somebody to push forward and comparing my story towards pushing forward, not realizing that there are others who have been through worse. On Halloween of 2013, the Khalil I knew became someone a lot more blessed and not due to the situation, but due to the overcome of it. Khalil was involved in an accident where the car flipped over about 15 times, sending Khalil through the windshield causing traumatic injuries. After prayers and prayers, surgeries, and therapies, Khalil is up and moving greatly. Ya’ll know my situation but whose was worse? This is a blessing! Now it didn’t click to me to share his story until he was on my live this morning and didn’t say “Good Morning”, and I mentioned him for that. Seeing such a bright smile through social media continuously each day is such an inspiration, have you seen his story? CLICK HERE.

Back when I first met Khalil, he was the happiest person regardless of any situation. Today when I facetimed Khalil, he was happy, seeing him happy made me happy, honestly. Seeing him scan my items and take my cash at CVS made me proud. He overcame something so strong, and even decided to help and give back to others.


I’m kinda sort of very jealous that he got to see “The Little Couple” before me because they are my favorite little couple, LOL. But again, going back on his story today and seeing his lifestyle gave me the inspiration to continue to push forward. I love you Khalil, and I’m glad to see you push forward, keep going!!

Khalil’s Youtube: YOUTUBE

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