So I was tryna fall back asleep and then..

So I had a pretty long night last night and was trying to fall back asleep when something was just on my mind. First off, I’ve been having pretty weird vivid dreams about things that I was told I couldn’t do, let’s just put it like that. And I haven’t been able to finish these dreams to see what deeply happens, I was tryna take a nap and some words just came to me. I haven’t titled this poem but here it goes:

If I gave you my shirt off my back because you was cold, would you warm me up too, or question my loyalty and from whom it was sold.

If I gave you the shoes off my feet cause you had nothing to walk in, would you worry about me just wearing socks, or who copped them?

If I gave you the love I was given from the man above, would you believe in me, or still question if it was enough?

When I told the truth instead of lying, did you believe in me, or did you feel like I wasn’t trying?

Did you question my loyalty. Does this seem like a game? I played it before, I ain’t loose, it just did a major change.

(Jessica Hunter)

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