“Whatchu Stressing For?”

View video here (click link)

Whatchu’ stressin’ for?

Stressing over something you ain’t have before?

Whatchu’ stressing for?

In this life we live, you gon’ see much more.

Whatchu’ stressin’ for?

In order to grow through it, you gotta go through it.

Then you can tell someone what you overcame, doesn’t that sound so lit?

Whatchu stressin’ for?

You watching this video here is only for right now, because with hard work and determination, to them articles and TV shows I will make it.

Whatchu stressin’ for?

Here today, gone tomorrow, that’s why I keep telling people stop living in sorrow. You’ll never see me shed a tear because with pain comes strength, but I’m numb to the fear. Now really, whatchu stressin’ for?

(Jessica Hunter)

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