Vivid Dreams.

They tried to tell me I wouldn’t be able to do a lot, this road would be hard, but it’s getting easier. I’ve been vividly dreaming positive things that will and have happened, yet also had me thinking. I took my God-baby back home with me lastnight because he’s such a very smart child and companion. Every five seconds he’s hugging me and saying “I love you”. Do you know lastnight, he slept with his arm open and made me lay my head on him? And for a 6 year old, when we were watching “Spongebob The Movie”, he said “I don’t recognize this,” and it made my heart so happy!! He is SO SMART!

Anywho, they tried to tell me it’s a possibility that I may not be able to have kids, and with the dreams I’ve been dreaming lately, I see in my near future the possibility of it happening. I think it took for me to grasp myself as a whole, before anything, which I still haven’t completely. Plus every mother wants a grandchild at some point. I’m still not fully ready for that stage but I keep vividly dreaming such. So, I got my god baby (all though he calls me aunty), to feel the connection between a child, it’s so better when they are young, but my has he grown! I love him as if he was mine.

Not that this has anything to do with this topic, but riding home with my uncle lastnight and we both Gemini’s said at the same time, “Something about this week feels weird”. 🤨 I don’t know what it is, but I pray it’s great.

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