Dear Momma

To give life to a human being is such an amazing experience, not that I’d know, but me being here isn’t just a coincidence. I was blessed with a gift that many of us didn’t see, “Life”, you know this thing between you and me.

Being a Mother isn’t always easy, the father isn’t always around. That’s when A Mother’s gotta be both parents, and I’m glad my mom stood her ground. 22 years later, and made her proud, her voice to my heartbeat is an amazing sound.

I ain’t finish yet, I haven’t fully given her what I wanted, never really thanked her for being conceived, believing in me, and holding me down when I was my own opponent.

So here we go, right here, right now. While you at work Mom, I’m tryna make you proud. Imma be something, one more own, or “together”, but right now, I got this, lemme provide for you better.

Better than what they did, better than the rest you’ll see, See how I went from “Jessica” to “AYO LITERATUREBYJESSC”?

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