“Dream books and others”

Now as I said, I’ve been dreaming of Pregnancy and similar actions which wasn’t necessarily wild. I got the word of my dreams out there for thoughts and talked to a couple of people, yes I always encourage safe sex, and yes they all said it was a dream of a stepping stone in life. Meaning a sign of growth within myself, which I am proud of. I also looked it up and seen the same thing which I should have done yesterday, I was just so in tuned as to why I was dreaming so vividly, and awkwardly I dreamed of school days.

I’ve been told that I’ve begun to glow, but with these pimples all over my face and cramps, currently I can’t tell, LOL. Mother nature really is a good sight, but the feeling, sheesh! Anyways, subscribe to me on Youtube and check out one of this weeks vlogs. We experience way more fun and new things I couldn’t even write about, it’s better to see.(CLICK LINKS)

(Jessica Hunter)

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