As a parent..

No child asked to be here and just because you can’t provide for them doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be given the life they deserve. If you feel you can’t handle it, find another family member or family that you’re comfortable with and do so. As a female, your father is usually your first love, who can tell you about “Daddy’s baby,”? I missed that bond with my dad in which I did speak with him about acknowledging my feelings. If a child is not given the proper love from her family, she’s just gonna go out and search of it elsewhere which could be wrong, or other thoughts.

A mother’s love to a son is also so valuable especially being the oldest or only one. Mom protected you for years and now it’s your turn. Even as a daughter, I feel it is my duty to stay on top of my Mom’s toes. But I will say this, for the children/young adults still trying to open up to their parents and don’t know how, as a parent, if you missed that chance due to whatever, you need to listen. How could you look somebody who came out of you in the eye and be upset? If I/he/she/they/it whatever come to you for whatever, or if I EVER SHED A TEAR IN FRONT OF MY PARENT(S), SOMETHING IS WRONG. Not attending to my feelings or thoughts is how I shut down and depend on myself. Tomorrow is NEVER promised, I keep telling ya’ll that. I’ve watched parents bury their child with the  regret of not being able to touch, hold, or talk to anymore. How would you feel? As a parent and child.

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