Plainfield’s JHBD

Plainfield is my hometown, and I wasn’t missing the Basketball tournament, but I damn sure wasn’t missing my “Joanne Hollis Black Diamonds”. The tournament was like a family reunion for me, seeing people I ain’t seen in a minute, but I seen Altariq Nelson for sure working it along with his team. For a team that’s only been together for a short amount of time when things go wrong, they STILL find a way to get through. Dance moves are ON POINT, unfortunately unable to give ya’ll the full performance, they tore the court up with the preview of what they had. CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO. What I love so much about this team is their interest in wanting to tear the court up so bad with all that sass. Look at how organized they are. Coach Altariq Made sure he had everyone stepping a certain way, focused, and ready. Although it rained, they ain’t quit, they went to practice on what could be better. I love the determination in this team as a whole. Wait til’ you see what they coming next.

Performance details coming soon‼️

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