Plainfield’s Iris House


tempimageforsave-7So today I had the pleasure of meeting with Crystal & Derrick, members of Plainfield’s Iris House. What a WONDERFUL experience, and a HOT walk there lol. I LOVED seeing such a caring team and location especially in Plainfield, NJ. Free HIV testing for all and everything is anonymous because it ain’t NOBODY’S business but your’s. No I.D./health insurance needed.

Located at 630 East front st, Plainfield, NJ, Plainfield’s Iris House gives out FREE condoms for both male and females, different flavors and sizes so you can still safely enjoy your lover. Want them at an event or mobile for a community? They surely will pull up in their truck! The truck is usually mobile Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays with time and locations varying.


Coinciding with the Iris House is NJDOH (New Jersey Department of Health) managed by Audria and CDC (Center of Diseases) managed by Charla, (both Amazing and generous women, understanding of any situation, non-judgemental, and everything remains COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS.



There are meetings and get togethers available for those who have questions in regards to HIV, getting tested, and knowing that you’re not alone. In fact, there is one coming up. Visit Plainfield’s Iris House (click link) also located in New York (click for original site), they donate clothing. You can walk in and if in need of clothes, food, and/or HIV testing, if The Iris House got it, you got it. Today was such an amazing experience to see how and what people give back to the community. View my experience below.

( Jessica Hunter )


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