African-American Goddess

So as I always say any hobby especially music, drawing, and dancing is a form of expression. I met such a woman on the 4th of July and didn’t even notice she was that talented. Tamesha Gordon showed me a different form of expression. Using pizza boxes and paint as a face along with real eyelashes, real Kanekalon braiding hair, and a woman’s red long sleeve bodysuit as a head wrap, Tamesha created an African-American Goddess. Look how amazing this is. Such a great form of expression and representation of her personality, which is truly amazing.

I was very amazed with what else she had shown me. 3D arts and such, but for some reason this African-American goddess stood out to me. Would you have thought of something like that? You’ll be seeing more of her work soon, I promise.

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  1. Wow, thank you Jess for your kind words and encouragement! Great article! And you definitely will be seeing more of my art work soon. I hope to work with you, get together and combine our talents soon! Peace, Beautiful Sis!💓✌

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