I love to see good in any community

I love to see good in any Community even if it’s not for me, or mine. I was going to meet up with a friend the other day and seen the truck called “Ships mobile soup kitchen disaster unit” parked in the church parking lot. That truck gave a hot meal, groceries, and an extra lunch to those in need. It was amazing to see that there are people who care for others. You don’t see that too often. People don’t think about making a change for yourself and others.

You never know someone’s situation and who and where they came from that put them in that predicament. Stop assuming! I’ve been in situations similar so I know, and I didn’t even put myself there. It was a lesson learned and I’ve grown from it as I’m sure others will. We live and we learn, and when you got somebody who helps or people who support it just makes it easier. I support you!

(Jessica Hunter)

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