If you ask me.

Seriously, lyrically, it’s getting easier to describe what I’ve been through, but can’t nobody say nothing if they ain’t you.

You only live once, stop stressing over tomorrow or you’ll sit living your life in your own sorrow.

Nobody cares about you as much as you do, keep that same mentality, it ain’t nothing new.

They wished karma on my name, I ain’t take that as no game. Toughened up, smiled harder, and brought “literaturebyjessc” to fame.

Don’t ever question my loyalty, if I treated you like royalty, if you knew what I knew, you stay away from the streets and listen to me.

Your “friends” ain’t your “friends,” and they ain’t mine neither. One minute they starving with you, next minute they eating ya dinner.

Told ya’ll I’m on a different type of flow, like R.kelly said “keep it on the down low,” but when I’m up and on top, everybody gon’ know.

(Jessica Hunter)

Video coming Soon

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