Strict Parents Create Sneaky Kids.

It’s a FACT that strict parents create sneaky children. So who are you to get mad at anything bad your child has been doing behind your back? Not saying it like that, but it’s unfair for a child to miss out on life, nor does it feel good when you’re getting picked on. In today’s generation, it’s not about being strict, it’s about being protective, at the same time somethings just aren’t fair. You are only a child ONCE, let that child be a child for a little bit. Just because you were raised a certain way doesn’t mean your child should be done the same.

Not influencing anybody, but understand in Today’s world, if you don’t let your child do something, their just gonna sneak around and find a way to get it done. Right down to not letting your child spend the night at a friend’s house, I done seen children protest it against these adults and it surely did work. Our children ain’t doing nothing but tryna love each other, tryna grow, you only live once. I am glad I am old enough to do things with respect towards my family, but understand things like that have an effect on someone’s mental, and emotions. It also affects what they do growing up. Thank God I  turned out to be alright and came up with the idea of positivity on my own. The main thing that keeps me out of trouble, and emotions is my webpage and today’s world acknowledging it. Had I not came up with such an idea, I might be living a different life, but I done almost everything I wanted to. A child’s mindset today is “Okay you not gonna lemme do it, Imma find a way to,” Except growing up for me, that ain’t always work.

( Jessica Hunter )

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