Who is Literaturebyjessc?

I always get asked about who “Literaturebyjessc” is and why I chose to be her. here is the final answer, don’t ask again. I chose to be her because at first she was Jessica, as crazy as that sounds. It makes sense though because people don’t even call me by my name anymore. Anyways, I’m deep into the mind and why we do the things we do, say the things we say, our zodiac signs, emotions, etc., and I know there are others out there who went through some of the things I’ve been through or are thinking what I’m thinking. So to insure that I wasn’t alone, and instead of making just one friend, I wanted to be a Public Figure. I wanted to hear/see someone say “she changed my life,” but hearing strangers, and people I barely talk to call me “literaturebyjessc” makes my heart warm just as much.

That right there just means to me that I must be making an impact on something or someone for people to know that, for people to follow up. What’s even better to me is that when blogging and vlogging, I’m not just connecting to my friends and family, I’m connecting to the world. Your ex is gonna read this later.. And then maybe his Mom. I’ve connected with others around the world lyrically and it means I can experience other people’s thoughts. I just want to have an impact on the world, leave a mark on somebody’t heart. That’s who “literaturebyjessc” is and that’s why I chose to be her.

(Jessica Hunter)

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