Today’s Thoughts.

Cold days are finally approaching. Keep ya’ll germs and all’at to yourself because nobody tryna get sick. This that sweater weather, that “lil boo thang” weather. Kids finally back in school and out the streets! You know what I would do for one more day in high school? Me neither, because it ain’t that serious, LOL. I’m just saying if I had the chance to go back for a day, I would. My whole “clique” out doing they own thing, although we still keep in touch, I miss my class of 2k14.

I barely see anybody anymore besides events and being “Literaturebyjessc,” but we all got our own lives now. R.I.P to who we lost, and congrats to the new chapters and new lives that have entered this world. It’s good to see positivity in the world. We all gonna be something. That’s one thing high school taught me is to stay focused, stay out of trouble, it’s like trouble is an addiction. Once you in it, it’s hard to get away and stay away now n days.

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