Great Advice From Essie!

So after 8 years, my cousin finally proposed to BET’s digital content producer, & award show worker Essie Michelle. You’ve seen her on Youtube, you’ve seen her on IG, you’ve seen her reflection in Maurice’s eyes when looking at her, such a beauty! Now ya’ll know I’m still relatively new to the entertainment industry in terms of my webpage. I’m always looking for ways to improve myself, and who better to grasp advice from than Essie? The best thing that came out of her mouth was “Don’t give up,” and when she said that, it made me happy to notice others noticing what I’m trying to do. Due to the fact of me vlogging and blogging, she also gave me a few tips on how she started, and thank God she and my cousin left footsteps behind for me to follow in.

Essie at The Bet Awards ’18

Now ofcourse another big piece of advice she gave me was to stay on top of what goes on in today’s world each day because that’s what grabs your viewer’s attention, they always wanna hear everything from different point of view. Starting from basic Instagram videos, to Youtube skits which you’ve all have seen such as make-up, wigs, and boyfriend comedies, and then to The Wendy Williams Show, she’s done it all and definitely has the personality for it!

I started off with just a pen and paper, than it went to reciting poetry, then it went to Youtube, and now you’re whole family keeps up with my webpage as I travel around the community. As a peer advocate for the community by myself, these tips became mighty useful, and soon you’ll see me standing right next to Essie and Maurice living it up.

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