Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍽🍁

Here’s to being thankful! Thankful for another year, another breath of fresh air, another moment of peace even when there sometimes seems to be no way to find it. I’m thankful for how far I’ve come along, health wise, mentally, and physically. The devil tried to knock me down plenty of times, when all I... Continue Reading →

Life Really Is A 360 ☮️💫

Isn’t it crazy, crazy how life works. It literally does a 360, and if you’ve done right by life; and forgiven yourself with true intentions to be pure, all is well. I sit and I think, certain times I used to cry, hysterically, about things that I had no control over. I wanted life to... Continue Reading →

TapN Radio ( hajxswave show )

It’s amazing how a plan can be thought out and put into action so quick. TapN Radio has done an amazing jobs with the talents and DJ’s kept. As always, one of my favorite was Djbam, but my favorite show is the hajxswave show. Not because they’re apart of me, and I’m apart of them;... Continue Reading →


There is a time and place for everything. A time to work hard, to grind, to do whatever it takes for you to do inorder to reach your goal. In doing so, you will notice and experience growth. Everyone thinks they know you, until you become "different," because you are making all necessary moves. Nothing,... Continue Reading →

2nd Annual Revolution Of Love

It's about that time again! Time to stay as warm and positive minded as possible. That time where we often overlook other situations and perspectives. It's time for The 2nd Annual Revolution Of Love Coats and Clothes Drive. Having experienced the life of a shelter, little to none clothing and stretched means of living, I... Continue Reading →

“Kayron & You” 🎤🎬

Expressing himself through sound, ya'll honestly know I love this one. I love the honesty behind someone's ambition and distinct motive. Kayron allows you to hear what he's been through, through his music. With the comparison of Chris Brown and August Alsina is definitely amazing, why? Because he does resemble them, but with his own... Continue Reading →

Be There For Them, It Means A Lot

Being there for someone is always a great thing whether they choose to accept your friendship/advice or not, atleast you know you tried. As much as we each complain about not needing anyone and doing things on your own, deep down we really do. When I say this, I don't mean we need somebody on... Continue Reading →

Be Who You Are.

A part of being yourself comes with being who you are as a person. Straight, gay, medicines, disorders, whatever. Sometimes a lot of people feel the need to put on a fake persona to hide who they are because they're either inconfident or just truly scared of what others may think. Let me tell you... Continue Reading →

A New Poem

The same energy and support I show to those I work with and for is the same energy reciprocated. That's what I'm talking about! Just as hard as I push them, they push me. I'm not just a blogger/journalist, I do poetry and stories as well. Poetry is my escape from feelings and thoughts. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Interracial Bonds.

Racism is a commonly overlooked issue. Sometimes you don't notice these things until you are a part of these situation itself. As a victim of stereotypes, let me tell you how okay it is to be who you are. Friends and Family come from all different ethnicities, and situations. I love when people see me... Continue Reading →

Altariq Stands Up For What’s Right

As I continue to watch the growth of this young man and his team, I am deeply impressed by the progression of who and what they've became. Altariq has done meetings with the mayor of Plainfield, got a job on his own, and started a donation fund not for him but for his team. It... Continue Reading →

Today’s Views

So there is this guy that I see each day with the same sad look on his face and the same sad walk. We've all experienced someone or something like that before. Now today, I just so happened to grab a slice of pizza before running errands, and here he goes walking in. As I'm... Continue Reading →

Plainfield’s Favorite Cupcake Lady Back At It Again With More Donations.

It's not many who think about others the way you think about yourself. Putting yourself before others and making sure you're straight, Not Ms.Stacey! Well of course she's always straight, but such a caring woman to everyone not just in Livay's " Welcome To The Sweet Shop." Back at it again with another way of... Continue Reading →

“If You Don’t Stand For Something, You’ll Fall For Everything.”

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for everything." In being who you are, if you don't defend yourself, you'll fall for anything. People will walk all over you, life will walk all over you. I abide by this statement in everything I do in life. Staying on top of things could be one... Continue Reading →

” Sweet Love “

Bubsy Millions is back at it again and can give it to you in rapping or singing. Huge switch-up and awesome when you can do both, not many can. Last we discussed here on Literaturebyjessc.wordpress.com,  we talked about his influence on the positivity of not being depressed and how to get out of depression via... Continue Reading →

I’m Backkkkkkkkk In A Different Hood Near You! CHECK THIS OUT.

So Literaturebyjessc was under construction for a while due to this whole moving process and let me tell you! Being an adult and living on your own is A LOT! You've literally gotta make sure you have all you need, and know your surroundings. I have successfully moved and I absolutely love it. I loved... Continue Reading →

Greenhitz Shows Me Black Mattic

Blessed to hear and recommend the hottest DJ's and newest music, Greenhitz emailed me ( chareehunter@yahoo.com ), with some FIRE, Black Mattic. Releasing a different type of Jamaican vibe titled "Oao", I had to put my headphones in and move my hips a bit. Released in the earlier part of November, it's not too fast,... Continue Reading →

Back Like He Never Left.

Loved all over, by many, especially in Newark, NJ, Driicky Graham is back with a BANGER. Ya'll think ya'll felt Snapbacks and Tattoos because that's what we all had going on, but "Frienemy" is something different. In my opinion, Driicky came back harder with this one. Appearing in music videos at the age of 3,... Continue Reading →

Your Relationship With God.

You can not tell someone, or shall I say force them rather, on who and what to believe in. But we can all believe we came from something and someone. Now there are times where I hear people complain when someone is speaking religiously not believing that things don't happen through God. In my opinion,... Continue Reading →

Messy weather and Blessings.

Daily morning trips to the store and Coffee, gotta have my coffee each morning! I crossed the highway at the right time, but apparently it was the wrong time. A car lost control of the wheel and spun around towards traffic instead of going along with it. Still astonished, I sat until I heard a... Continue Reading →

Relationships with an Ex.

Relationships with your ex are in Today's world is considered disrespectful which is pretty much understandable. You didn't have much to say then so what do you have to say now? Agreed. But at some point you put the past behind one another and do what they call "forgive". Not only forgiving yourself, but forgiving... Continue Reading →

Bubsy Millions ft Jahlee – Depression // FINALLY SOMEONE SPEAKS

Something came across my Instagram Dm's that I thought was a spam until I received a different response. "Bubsy Millions (Instagram)- Ft Jahlee - Depression," (click link to view on Spotify), an awesome song!! Describing depression from different aspects and causes, I fell in love with the video because it was descriptive enough to make... Continue Reading →

You Are My Reflection.

I'd like to acknowledge a few ways of respect between you and your "partner" and your partner's respect for your family. As a partner, he/she should always support for you, you guys are a team, a reflection of one another. How he/she presents themselves to the public is how you look as well, same thing... Continue Reading →

Marv in action

I forgot how I met this girl, but once we talked business and started showing each other our different mindsets and work, her mindset was amazing. I believe that one of the best ways of showing emotion is through music because you can feel that energy, that emphasis. I recited a poem to Marv ("Mirror"),... Continue Reading →

Pride and Determination

Ofcourse social media tells all your business when you become famous but why are people shocked about the way love is connected between people? When I say that, I mean Love comes in all different ethnicities, shapes, and sizes. Once you hit that spotlight, there is all sorts of judgements going on about you and... Continue Reading →

Keeping it cute for ya man 💁🏽‍♀️

Ladies, don't you ever feel the need to just get cute for ya man one day? It's sad to say but just because you got him don't mean he might not look the other way. Self-esteem is important, ESPECIALLY in a relationship, and that self-esteem comes from YOU. I'm not saying you're ugly, we are... Continue Reading →

Great Advice From Essie!

So after 8 years, my cousin finally proposed to BET's digital content producer, & award show worker Essie Michelle. You've seen her on Youtube, you've seen her on IG, you've seen her reflection in Maurice's eyes when looking at her, such a beauty! Now ya'll know I'm still relatively new to the entertainment industry in... Continue Reading →

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