What Social Media Did To Us.

In today’s world, we learn to much about one another through social media and what the streets say. Back in the old days, they didn’t have much to communicate with except their mouths. I feel like once we got the ability to be so into social media, we left the ability to physically bond with one another. Now it’s all he say, she say, but if you didn’t know about “what was said,” you’d probably still be associating with that person anyways.

In some cases it works good, in some cases there are things one may need to know about one another, so it’s a contradictory situation. But what I will say is this, we are all cut from the same cloth, why are we so against each other? We each want the same thing, and that’s success. Off topic a bit, but one day, I seen someone on the streets begging for change, and I gave her the last 50 cents out of my pocket, and she gave me a hug. She paused and stared because she couldn’t understand why I did that. I did it with hopes of her knowing she is not alone, someone cares, and to get your life together.

We fall, and although we fall on our own, it’s nice to know there’s a hand trying to pull you up. And at that moment, you’re not thinking about social media or anyone, you’re thinking about yourself and who has helped you thus far. Social media was supposed to be a use for connection to friends and family, then it turned to games, and “what do you think about this”? It’s eating us up. It’s turning us away from each other. WAKE UP!!

( Jessica Hunter )

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