Pride and Determination

Ofcourse social media tells all your business when you become famous but why are people shocked about the way love is connected between people? When I say that, I mean Love comes in all different ethnicities, shapes, and sizes. Once you hit that spotlight, there is all sorts of judgements going on about you and your life. I think my favorite couple in the spotlight has got to be Jen and Bill. They’ve never cared about the way one looked at them, they’ve always continued to live life. As little people, or shall I say “The Little Couple,” they’ve always lived a happy life despite anything. “The Little Couple” has become one of my favorite shows because of the way they carry themselves, they still do what they have to do at the end of the day just as a normal family. The best part is that they chose to have kids, and did whatever was needed to do to do so.

Having a permanent effect on your life, and what can have a permanent effect on the lives of your children is always hard to explain to them, or for one to understand. Disabled, tall, short, or small, we are all cut from the same cloth. We all bleed the same blood, and that’s why I can never understand why we are so harsh to one another.  I am completely jealous of Khalil meeting “The little couple,” because I’ve always had a few personal questions for them myself so Khalil, next time you visit, TAKE ME WITH YOU!

( Jessica Hunter )


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