Cut From The Same Cloth

Tell me something. Why do we continuously fight upon one another if we all want the same thing? We fought with each other to gain justice from slavery and such, now we fighting against each other. As generations grow, I feel as though they don’t understand what’s going on in today’s world as opposed to years of slavery and lynching. There were family members who watched each other get hurt for nothing, and y’all out here killing each other with the little bit of freedom that we have?

Each thing we want Today, we have to fight so hard for from our current President, to daily survival. When I say daily survival, I mean from how we gon eat, to crossing the street, to where we gon sleep. Although you work hard, hard work pays off definitely, I’M NOT SAYING THINGS SHOULD GO EASILY; but look how hard we have to work. Generations now tend to lead after the previous because that’s all they know, that’s all they’re being taught. Remember, we are all cut from the same cloth, just different personalities, we all believe in something, someone’s God, we weren’t just placed here. At some point in time we worked together, that’s why I always uplift anyone in progression. Taking someone’s life for what? It’s really worth it? You  got kids? You want kids? You take that pain from what you feeling and you gain from it.

( Jessica Hunter )

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