Marv in action

I forgot how I met this girl, but once we talked business and started showing each other our different mindsets and work, her mindset was amazing. I believe that one of the best ways of showing emotion is through music because you can feel that energy, that emphasis. I recited a poem to Marv (“Mirror“), and she felt my energy through that, gave me feedback and everysince then it been like yo, whatchu think about this? Soon it’s gonna be “Run that back, I think you could use a bit more energy in that,” because we working together coming soon in a hood near you.

Anywho, she came at me with this one track that I couldn’t even bother to daily listen to through soundcloud, titled “No feelingz” I had to download it to my phone. (click link to hear) I loved her voice, I loved the emphasis she used on certain parts of the song. I walk around singing my favorite part “No we ain’t together, mind ya business, we just chillin’.” Each time I see her I turn that part into a joke of something in her voice, LOL. Dope part is we get to see her in action Oct.20th, are you ready? I’m in there. More info coming soon.

IG: _marvtheartist


( Jessica Hunter )


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